Secure Your Premises in Style

While security is certainly a critical aspect for any property, there is no reason for you to compromise on style. Why should the style suffer, while securing your premises? This is exactly what we believe at Seaford Screens. Our security doors are designed to prevent break-ins. At the same time, being well crafted, our security doors also serve as a welcoming entrance for all your visitors. Featuring quality locks for maximum security, our doors are also available in a variety of designs. So, if you are looking for security doors in Melbourne, then you are at the right place.

At Seaford Screens, we also offer security doors across the South Eastern Suburb. Designed to suit a variety of security purposes, our doors will enhance the security of your space. Be it design, material or shades, if you do not find something that you are looking for, we can always customize it for you. This makes us your one stop destination if you are looking for security door in Mornington Peninsula. Furthermore, we manufacture security doors in a variety of materials, which include aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

High Quality Window Applications

When it comes to security, we understand that it does not stop at the security doors. Windows are also an important part of any premises. So, we offer premium quality window grilles that provide great security. Our security window grilles make an ideal choice for different types of window applications. These include sliding doors as well as hinged designs.

Available in multiple types of patterned and mesh designs, no matter what specificity you are looking at, you can find it with us. We also have marine grade range of stainless steel security doors. These come with a cross-weave stainless steel mesh, which is super strong. This is a unique blend that assures clear vision and unparalleled security.

Strong and Durable Security Solutions

Being in the industry for over 40 years now, at Seaford Screens, we offer nothing but the best when it comes to security doors and window grilles. Our products are designed to withstand the test of time and offer great security too. Made of top quality materials by following stringent quality standards, with us, you can get the most durable and strong security doors and window grilles.

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